How Continuing Education Helps With Long-Time Job Changes

Educate Your Staff Members And Implement Safety Procedures

If you own a toner and ink recycling company and employ a vast number of employees who are responsible for filling cartridges and inkjets and shipping products to businesses and individuals, maintaining a safe working environment will prevent workers from becoming injured or ill. Use the steps below to educate your staff members and implement safety procedures.

Enroll Employees In A First Aid Course

A first aid course will provide vital information that could save an individual's life and will minimize the severity of an injury. Enroll your employees for a first aid course that is being offered at an adult education center like the one found at If employees lack transportation to and from a class, offer to drive groups of employees to classes so that they aren't inconvenienced. During first aid classes, an instructor will provide information about how to react if a person is injured while working and is in need of immediate medical attention.

An instructor may provide visual aids that demonstrate how to bandage an injury or how to handle a situation that involves someone fainting or consuming a dangerous chemical. Participants can ask questions and may be given the opportunity to act out specific scenarios so that they are well-versed in case they encounter an emergency situation at work. 

Provide Workers With Safety Checklists And Gear

Create a list of safety procedures that need to be followed and make photocopies of the list so that each employee can hold onto one. If the checklists have a grid added to them, each person can mark off safety guidelines that are being implemented at the beginning of each work shift. For example, if you would like your employees to wash their hands before entering a workstation or if you request that equipment is turned off during breaks, each worker can refer to their list to make sure that the proper procedures are being followed at all times.

Provide your workers with safety gear. Respirators, hard hats, hair nets, gloves, and work boots are some items to consider purchasing. Label the items with each person's name and provide a suitable area for safety gear to be stored at the end of each work shift. 

Train Employees And Inspect The Premises Daily

Provide your employees with formal training so that toner cartridges and inkjets are filled and cleaned properly. During training sessions, demonstrate how to use equipment and ask your employees to test out machines when you have finished. If any of your workers do not not grasp the proper way to use equipment, provide them with additional training until they are comfortable performing assigned work duties.

Hire a floor manager to inspect the premises daily and ensure that workers are following safety guidelines. If any issues arise and a worker isn't completing work duties in a safe manner, issues can be addressed immediately so that an employee is aware of a problem and will be encouraged to make the changes needed.